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Title:- Myth Makers Doctor Who Documentary - John Leeson (1984)
Source: VHSRip

"I was once sent in the post a very, very heavy envelope and inside it was ball bearings, some kid had decided that it was K9's birthday and he needed some new ball bearings!"

Ever wondered how to marinade a Yeti...? No?

Well neither had a rather bemused Nick Briggs until he caught up with John Leeson on location for the Doctor Who drama Downtime.

Ten years earlier, it was all a lot easier for Keith Harrison when he interviewed John for the second Myth Makers. Life was simple then, you just sat down and had a nice chat about life and being the voice of K9.

Now, you have to run around the inside of the Doctor's faithful robot companion, plus learn how to cook (and more importantly how to catch) a Yeti!

Well these are the ingredients, its all been cooking in the oven, so take your seats for dinner.

Confused...? Not half as much as Nick!


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